May 6, 2020 at 1:28 pm

Adventure Part III Our Clients – Chris

“OK, so you design our new (insert style) home and we’ll be back to move in when it’s built.”

I’ve never heard that before, and let’s hope I never do. Designing and building a home is, quite honestly, an adventure – maybe not the kind I often write about, but one that becomes an exciting exploration.

The homes we design or redesign start with a simple conversation or two with our clients, listening and learning about their family, professions, hobbies, and of course, their pets too. This is the fun part, penning their design to suit them. The adventure starts to take shape when we discover all the details of how they live in their home: are they left-handed or right- handed, their preferred height of countertops for chopping onions, the number of books in their collection, three dogs who all need different foods and storage for them, children, whose hands I hear are not always clean around cabinets and appliances, allergies, the right light for a painting studio, no the TV does not go over the fireplace (OK, if you know me you know that one is mine!), and where do all the hockey bags go and dry.

This dialogue is how we create and push a concept, while finding opportunities within constraints. We need this open communication, thoughtful feedback and honest response from our clients to make sure we’re all heading in the right direction. In a way, we see ourselves as the storytellers, biographers, of this great adventure for our clients- bringing their vision to reality.

Oh, and if your TV must go over the fireplace- we’ll find a clever home for that too!

Be well,



*Image from Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House by Eric Hodgins and illustrated by William Steig.