October 6, 2020 at 10:04 am

Another Tool to Connect – Chris

Seems like now more than ever we need to stay connected. As with most things we look to tools, or should I say technology to make this happen. Just before the pandemic, Julie, our great friends and I took an amazing ski vacation. In planning for that trip and knowing I’d be on a plane for a bit, I needed a way to work through some design projects. I dreaded having to pack a roll of trace paper and folders of paper, and dreaded even more about trying to do work on an airplane seat’s fold-down tray. I needed a new tool and well, there’s an app for that.

This brilliant app lets me work over a site plan, existing home plan, site photo, construction photo, screenshot of our 3D model- you name it! Quite simply, it’s a virtual trace. For my fellow designers, yes, it can be layers and layers of built-up design and concept options. You can virtually delete the discounted options, instead of littering the office floor. You can overlay and color to your heart’s content. Have a favorite pen? No problem, it’s there.

Since we’re now in a time where in-person meetings have become limited, and we rely on platforms like zoom to stay connected, I can share concepts with my studio as we did with actual trace paper. I can sketch with clients, virtually, as we chat and push and pull the design idea. I can travel light – from home office to studio, to site meeting, etc. with just my tablet and pen.

Prior to the pandemic, I had a lively conversation with another colleague at an industry networking event, showing off our favorite design pen. To no one’s surprise, each of our tools of choice was in our pockets. Designers love these tools of the trade, and the one silver lining of these times is gaining proficiency in another tool, ok “tech.”


Be well