November 5, 2021 at 9:42 am

Fresh Perspective – Jeffrey

For myself, along with many of our clients, this summer brought a much-welcomed return to vacationing. While travel has always been one of my favorite sources of design inspiration, this year, I was reminded that simply spending time in a different space can help spark new ideas. The physical separation helps me get into the vacation mindset. Whether the getaway requires a long flight or a short drive, the break from our daily routine can provide a fresh perspective on our lives back home.

After spending a few days in San Diego this summer, I found myself asking how I could infuse some of the laid-back California mentality into my busy life here on the east coast. My favorite feature of our Airbnb was the two-tiered deck with sweeping views of downtown and the harbor. Any free time was spent on the deck, from the early morning to the end of the night. I realized that my underutilized deck back home had the potential to be a similar space for relaxation. With some new outdoor furniture and string lights, I was able to transform my small city deck into an outdoor oasis.

If we’re looking, there are plenty of opportunities to bring home a piece of your travels. I’m always searching for art, whether a painting or a handmade object. We can also find inspiration for larger-scale changes, such as a paint color that reminds us of a particular destination or a bathroom renovated to bring home the sense of calm felt at a resort’s spa.

Going forward, I’ll be making it a point to ask myself how I’m bringing part of the vacation mentality into my daily life.