March 22, 2021 at 10:07 am

Furniture as a Tool for Scale – Jeffrey

When I first joined the b Architecture team, I was excited to discover that we create furniture layouts to test the scale and functionality of a space as part of our design process. We include these layouts in the concept and schematic design drawings that we present to our clients. 

I have a love for furniture, and, having spent many years working in the furniture industry, I recognize that it can transform a space. While as architects we don’t select furniture for our clients, we still use it as a powerful tool for both analyzing and conveying scale.

Scale is one of the most important qualities of a room. It has a significant impact on the way we feel inside a space but is often difficult to envision when looking at a two-dimensional drawing. Throughout the design process, we’re constantly referring to the conversations we’ve had with our clients about how they want to utilize each space. However, it’s often challenging for clients to imagine how big the space will feel when they’re standing inside it after construction is complete. Adding a sofa, coffee table, and lounge chair to the drawing immediately brings the room to life. The furniture helps transform the room from an empty box on a page to a space that our clients can visualize by giving them a reference point to familiar objects in the real world.










We will often create two different furniture arrangements for the same living space. One layout might be anchored by a large sectional that fills the room, while the other might include a sofa and a pair of lounge chairs. The first arrangement provides as much lounge space as possible, whereas the second is more open with areas for multiple activities. Each layout tests the scale of the room in different ways. Our goal is to ensure that the space is both functional and adaptable for our clients’ lives.

By using furniture as a tool, we’re able to better create spaces that allow for comfortable movement throughout a home, providing our clients with the ultimate spaces they need in their daily lives.