August 19, 2021 at 2:00 pm

Short Commute, Travel Far – Chris

Quoting Captain Obvious- “traffic is back in New England,” but with this, let’s hope that other forms of normalcy continue to follow.

In the studio, we talk a lot about the spirit of adventure – we love adventures; however, my drive to work is the one place that I can do without it. Short and sweet is fine with me. The 15 minutes I spend commuting is just enough time for a few sips of coffee, catching up on some news and sports, and maybe a favorite tune on the radio. You can’t underestimate the positive vibes that can be caught by hearing a good song just before heading into the office.


One place where I embrace the adventure of the commute is when it takes me to a location that I want to design in – then, it’s go time, and I’m all in. New places and home locations have a lot to offer our clients, and for us, it’s an opportunity to learn and grow and continue to do something a bit more unique. We get excited about that exploration, and with that, we better understand the surroundings and the vernacular of that place and begin our design. The connection and the pull that our clients have to their getaway connects us as well, as we start to appreciate the views, the town, and the road less traveled.

So yes, it’ll take a few more sips of coffee and a more extended playlist to get there, for the roads to our clients continue to inspire.