May 9, 2020 at 4:07 pm

Gallery of Stylish Soaking Tubs

Brought to you by Bijou Mag.

Have you been using your tub more these days? Perhaps it is a private oasis of zen during this crazy time?

Do you entertain plans of steaming hot water, setting up with a glass of wine, the latest NY Times Bestseller, maybe locking the door to keep kids and problems away…..only to realize they will come to the door and knock, screech and yell no matter what? Oh that’s just me.

Whether it is used by the adults of the home to escape the world and relax, or the kids for their daily scrub, a soaking tub makes a grand statement and bold entrance for your bath.

Soak in style with this curated selection of BijOU’s favorite soaking tubs, from our favorite designers, of course.

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