June 12, 2020 at 3:59 pm

Local Designers on Pantone’s Color of the Year: Classic Blue

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This year, Pantone’s Color of the Year, Classic Blue, is gracing everything from wallpaper and stationery to end tables. Here, three prominent local designers and architects weigh in on the deep, elegant hue and offer expert tips on how to use it at home.

Chris Brown, AIA, LEED AP


How do you approach the new Pantone color each year?
“It’s a way to explore why people are drawn to that color and then see if we have clients that may feel the same way. We are constantly looking for great classic colors that make the space complete or add a spark of interest.”

What do you love most about this year’s hue: Classic Blue?
“I think the classic blue gets personal, and the more you ask people you may find that blue is a favorite color. I’m one of those people. My new car is blue and a lot of my clothes are, too. I still remember walking the streets of Rome and seeing this classic color in shirts and it still sticks with me—just ask my wife.”

Your top design tips on how to use the color?
“Treat it like any other part of your design and process, intake what the clients gravitate toward, show examples and studies, coordinate with the other materials in the room, have the paint be a healthy/green product and have some fun.”

“Have mock-ups of color painted on large but movable panels so that you can move the color around in the space and/or home. This allows you to see how both natural and artificial light affects the hues and the color. What may be perfect in a northern exposure room may not even be recognizable in another part of the home.”

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